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Simplicity …

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Home spaces …

The photographs above are of some of my home spaces.  (I’m not a professional photographer, can you tell?!)  If you knew me, you’d say, “looks like Tracy!”

However, this wasn’t always my “style.”  Over the last few years my tastes and preferences changed and we began to  embrace the less is more philosophy!  And it’s still happening.  I’ll get frustrated with a room or just decide I don’t like it anymore and things will go and we’re toting boxes and bags to a local donation center!  My husband, just shakes his head!

As you may aleady know, I both practice and live yoga, both on and off the mat and this beautiful practice has enveloped my way of life.  As you connect within and really take a look at your life, who you are, and how you want to be in the world, changed in me.  I’ve never really been a very showy type of person, but even still felt myself wanting to just be in spaces that make me feel quiet, calm and happy.  Thank you, yoga!

The photos depict my current color palate, it makes me feel all of those things.  It’s light, airy, clean and fresh.  Light grays, blues and whites are dominant in my house.   These colors speak to me and I am drawn to them always.  Listen to your inner-voice.  I strongly feel that your home is your sanctuary, it should depict who you are and be the place where you feel good, and want to be.

I wouldn’t say that we’re “neat-nicks” but we do like most things in their place, and too much clutter makes me crazy.  If my counters start to get to much clutter on them, look out!  Things are gonna fly!  LOL!

My decor style is pretty simple, but with things that make me smile.  There was a time when we just had too much, because I love a lot of things, but realized that doesn’t mean they all have to come home with me, or if they do, then it’s to replace something else, and that goes.

Probably my favorite room is my bedroom, it just make me smile and feel peaceful.  I was pretty bad at making my bed in the past, but that’s a habit I worked hard to fix and now, I love making my bed, probably because I love our linens, pillows and accessories in the room.  Our bedroom is not large, so we tried to keep the furnishings to what we really needed and to a size that doesn’t overwhelm the space.  The one thing I’d love to really get done is a larger closet with built-ins but that’s probably not going to happen in this house.

So, I’ve organized the closet to its maximum capacity, using a small dresser in there as well as other baskets and shoe cubbies.  It’s crammed, but it’s organized.  You know how overwhelming it can be if you can’t find anything to wear and your closet is full to the brim!!!  So, you’ve got to organize.  I also do a closet purge at least once to twice a year.  Also, because of it’s smaller size, I do change out clothing with the warmer and cold seasons.

Organization makes my life so much easier, it’s a good thing to know where “things” are.  My kitchen is pretty organized as well.  It’s a great kitchen, again not large, so, everything has a place.  I recently did an overhaul of what goes in what cabinets and that has been a great change.  I use baskets in the drawers and also purged through my kitchen gadgets to donate items we no longer used.  I’m pretty happy with it.

I’ll delve into special spaces in upcoming posts.  In the meantime, take a look around your own home.  Is there a room you’d love to work on?  Here is my best advice I give to everyone, choose one project and finish it before you move on to another.  DO NOT take on multiple projects at a time, that is the fastest way to get frustrated and then it’s downhill from there.

I want you to be successful, one thing at a time and finish it!  If you’d like to ask me any questions, please feel free to email me!!!

Happy home!!


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