Holistic Wellness Coaching

Hello and Welcome!

I am so happy your are here!  Whatever it was that made you “click” on this page, yeah!  I’m hoping it was curiosity as to what holistic wellness and coaching is.  Or, perhaps you’ve been on a journey of selfcare and wellness and certain things just aren’t happening. Or, you’d just like to explore other modalities of health and wellness.  For whatever reason you’re here, allow me to explain!

Essentially, holistic wellness is an approach to physical, mental and spiritual health, that considers the whole person in the pursuit of health. It can lead to offering lifestyle changes that will bring you long lasting health, happiness and spiritual wellness to you as a whole.

So often, we try and “fix” one thing, which results in something else being neglected or having unwanted ramifications on you as a whole.  We are all overloaded with today’s social media touting all kinds of diet fads and trends, some of which can be harmful or unhealthy in the long run. They catch your eye because of the “lose weight fast!” tag line or the “just do this, every day,” etc., etc. which is usually unsustainable or leads to feelings of failure.

Making a commitment to feeling and living better into your later years, is what should encourage you to make lifestyle changes.  We all desire to be in the best possible place we can as we age.  Lifestyle changes can be daunting or even seem impossible.  I often hear a lot of, “I could never!”.  However, if those choices  lead us to health and wellness, who wouldn’t want to do that?

Instead of simply looking at specific issues such as health complaints or illness, lifestyle issues such as diet, exercise, or weight gain, a holistic wellness path to wellbeing takes all aspects of a person’s life into account in order to find a place of healing, balance and positive energy.

As your Wellness Coach, I will be your mentor, your support, your expert to help you on the path to feel your best through personalized lifestyle changes that meet your dietary, emotional and physical goals and needs.  I’ll be there to encourage you to be committed to your path and keep you accountable, in a supportive and nonjudgmental way, but know when to lovingly call you out!

My Path to Wellness packages are designed to take you through the process of making those positive lifestyle changes that will bring your life to a place of health and wellness, in all aspects of your life.

I will be with you throughout the entire process, offering guidance and helping you to make the best choices that are sustainable for you.  The path to wellness begins with an intention of wanting to make choices that lead you to feeling better physically, mentally, and spiritually.

Sustainable lifestyle choices are attainable and can and will carry you through your life to be the best person that you can be.  There will be times when you struggle, we all do; but, I will be there to support you and to work with you to make those choices become simply part of your life and loving the choices you’ve decided to make and seeing the final results of a happier, healthier you!

Below you will find just a sampling of services I can offer you and after our Discovery Call together we can make the decision as to what will work best for you.  Both the 3 and 6 month packages include all of the same services, some of which you may want and some of which you may not, again, we will discuss which path works best for you to achieve your goals, that will allow you to lead your best life.

I’d love to chat with you.   Click here and we’ll schedule your FREE 30 minute DISCOVERY CALL!

Here are some of the services I am offering with my Wellness Packages:

Lifestyle Planning/Changes:

  • Dietary Needs/Guidance/Support
  • Physical Activity
  • Mind/Spirit Guidance/Support

Nutritional Planning:

  • Pantry Overhaul
  • Let’s Go Food Shopping – Grocery Store/Markets (in-person locally or virtual)
  • Meal Planning:
    o   Weekly Meal Plans
    o   Weekly Food Logs
  • Cooking Lessons (in-person, locally or virtual)

One on one weekly 60 min session (in-person or virtual) to discuss:

  • Dietary changes/needs
  • Meal plans
  • Support, encouragement, accountability
  • Exercise/Physical activity goals
  • Emotional/Spiritual goals
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • One yoga and/or meditation session per week

Weekly Unlimited Email Communication

(All packages come with the services listed above)

Initial 30 min. Discovery Call – FREE
6 Month Path to Wellness Pkg. – $950
3 Month Path to Wellness Pkg. – $450