Wellness Coaching

simplitracy path to wellness …

are you ready??

Are you ready to step into a safe space that will support and guide you?


Are you ready to make  choices that will put you on the PATH of a healthier, happier, more joyful you?


Are you ready to make positive, attainable lifestyle choices that will enable you to achieve a more active and productive life?


Are you ready to live each day with energy that is peaceful and calm?


My Path to Wellness packages are designed to support and guide you through the process of making positive, healthy lifestyle changes and choices that will bring you to a place of health and wellness.  Each package is individualized and made specifically with you in mind.  Whether you choose the 3 month 1:1 path or the 6 month 1:1 path, each includes the following vital elements that I believe lead to a place of joy and wellness:

  1. Physical – good health involves appropriate exercise or movement and care of your body.
  2. Mental – it is vital that we recognize thought patterns, what we think, believe, feel, dictates what happens to us.
  3. Spiritual – Everything happens for a reason and there are important lessons in all things.
  4. Nutritional – You are what you eat!  Nutrients are the ingredients for a healthy life.
  5. Sleep – Sleep is vital to life and for proper mental and physical health, we need to sleep to grow, heal and restore.
  6. Environmental – What we do to our environment, we expose ourselves to and affect our health.
  7. Life Skills – It is vital that we acquire skills that teach us how to “do” life.

the details … what’s included??

  • Weekly 60 minute coaching calls to support and guide you along your journey, individualized support and guidance.
  • Mindfulness tools and techniques, meditation, breath work and movement, to bring awareness to your choices and intentions.
  • Accountability, in order to keep you on track of your goals, intentions and actions.
  • Nutritional and movement/exercise counseling.
  • Homework, daily/weekly accountability worksheets, reading, etc.

Whether you choose the 3 or 6 month path to wellness the same coaching services are offered.  As each of our wants and needs are different, during our initial call we will discuss which path and choices work best for you to achieve your goals, allowing you to lead your best life.

simplitracy path to plantbased …

In this 6 week program, I will work with you 1:1 as I introduce you to the path of a Plant-based diet!  Whether you’re a newbie and this is the first time you’ve even thought about changing your diet or you’ve been trying to do this on your own and just need some guidance and support on continuing on the path, this is the package for you!

On this journey, I will take you through pantry clean-ups, shopping trips, cooking classes, meal plans, as well as nutritional information.

This process can be gradual or full dive in, again we will discuss these options and what you’re looking for during our FREE 30 MINTUE DISCOVERY CALL!

Here are some of the services I am offering with my Wellness Packages, available both IN-PERSON or VIRTUAL:

Lifestyle Planning/Changes:

  • Nutritional Needs/Guidance/Support
  • Physical Activity
  • Mind/Spirit Guidance/Support

Nutritional Planning:

  • Pantry Overhaul
  • Let’s Go Food Shopping – Grocery Store/Markets (in-person locally or virtual)
  • Meal Planning:
    o   Weekly Meal Plans
    o   Weekly Food Logs
  • Cooking Lessons (in-person, locally or virtual)

One on one weekly 60 min session (in-person or virtual) to discuss:

  • Dietary changes/needs
  • Meal plans
  • Support, encouragement, accountability
  • Exercise/Physical activity goals
  • Emotional/Spiritual goals
  • Answer any questions you may have
  • FREE Yoga and/or meditation sessions (available on my website under “YOGA HAVEN”)

Weekly Unlimited Email Communication

(All packages come with the services listed above)

Initial 30 min. Discovery Call – FREE

Path to Wellness Package

$335.00/ 3 months

Purchase Plan
Path to Wellness Package

$665.00/ 6 months

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Path to Plantbased

$225.00/ 6 weeks

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