Feed Your Soul

Feed Your Soul

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What’s the first thing that popped into your mind?  Have you ever heard of an “active rest day?”  Perhaps, it may be just what you need!  On days when I have no set things I have to do or get accomplished, I often struggle with my “free” time!  Imagine that, struggling with free time.  But, I do!  There are so many things I can do that often times it’s a bit overwhelming and I end up sitting on my behind on the couch binging something on the tv that’s just chatter and doesn’t fill my soul at all.

What if, you made it an active rest day!  And by that I mean, do something enjoyable, and if it’s sitting on your behind binge-watching tv then yay you!   However, what often happens to me when I do that is I beat myself up a little bit, because of all the other soul feeding activities I could have been doing.

Here’s a list of some things I’ve made up for myself and perhaps they might resonate with you or at least be some sort of a spring board.  However, if, again, sitting and just binge-watching tv is what you need then GO FOR IT!!

  •  Take a walk or a hike for 30 mins. to an hour
  • Take your time and enjoy the process as you prep your meals for the up coming week; or take a trip to the grocery store/market and take your time, picking up new things, walking down each isle, maybe some you never go down.  Write your list on pretty paper, with a favorite pen!
  • Pick up your journal, notebook, calendar and make a pretty schedule for the upcoming week, or doodle in it, make pretty marks, sparking you to enjoy entering the “to-do” things in your calendar, use colored pens or pencils!
  • Take a nice long soak in the tub with the bubbles, please!!  Or a steam in the shower with essential oils, or hang a bunch of eucalpytus from the shower head and breath it in!
  • Read that book you’ve been wanting to start!  Perhaps you plop your butt down and binge-read!  YASS!!!
  • Bring out your yoga mat and simply sit and close your eyes; if the moment calls to you, maybe you move a little, no one’s watching, do what you want!
  • Straighten or organize your closet.  Your closet, not the kids, not your partner’s, yours!  Run over to Target or whatever store of your choice and by some pretty velvet covered hangers and switch yours out!  Maybe while you’re doing that you’ll realize there’s just a bit of a clutter and you purge a few items?
  • Go sit outside, close your eyes, listen to nature.  Just feel the air on your face and body.  Soak up the B vitamin of the sunshine, if it’s only for 10-15 mins.

There are many other things, and this list could go on for quite a bit, but I think you probably get the idea.  Nourishing ourselves and our souls allows us to refill our internal well.  Building a sense of love, respect and kindness for ourselves, enables us to continue to give the love, kindness and grace to those in our world from that internal well.  Refilling regularly with self-love and care so that it doesn’t run dry for the rest of our world.

If you find that you’re still just not to sure what to do or how to begin or you need some guidance, please know that I am here to answers questions, get you on the road to self-care and self-love.  All you have to do is contact me HERE!

As always, much love and light




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