Sweet Potato Bowl

Sweet Potato Bowl

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We love sweet potatoes!!  So simple, so easy!  And, yes they fill you up!


2 – Large Sweet Potato

1 – Large Broccoli head

1 – Can Black Beans (we use low sodium and add spices, but you can you a seasoned can of black beans)

Dash – Garlic & Herb Spice

Butter – plantbased (your choice)

Spices for Black Beans:

Cumin, Garlic (minced or powder), Onion (diced or powder), Salt & Pepper, Bay Leaf

Black Bean Prep:

Pour black beans into pot, add spices!  Okay, so here’s the thing, I’ve been cooking for a long, long time and spices are my “thing” and I know what my family likes.  So, I just shake my spices in, taste and then make a choice to stop or add more.  In this bean prep, I’m pretty heavy on the cumin, garlic and onion.  I do use minced garlic and use a heaping tablespoon.  For the cumin, I start with a tablespoon and go from there, cumin is the spice that gives the beans that familiar cuban/spanish black bean flavor.  Add the Bay Leaf and then bring to a nice simmer and let them cook about 20 mins.  Taste here and see if they taste good to you.  I’m usually adding a bit more cumin and salt and pepper here.  I let them simmer right up until the time I put on potatoes.  The longer they cook, the better they taste.


I microwave the sweet potatoes, it’s a lot faster, but if you want to bake, set oven at 395 F, check at about 30 mins., and turn, but they take a long time, potentially 45-50 mins.  Hence, the reason I microwave!

Cut the broccoli head apart into smaller florets.  Place a steamer basket in a medium pot with just enough water to boil, add in broccoli, sprinkle with Dash Garlic & Herb (salt free), turn heat to medium, put lid on pot, bring to a boil, tilt lid to let steam out, reduce heat but keep it at a nice easy boil and continue steaming.  I fill until I can just see the water through the basket.  We like out broccoli al dente, and that usually takes about 5-7 mins, once water has begun to boil.   Once it reaches the consistency we like, I just put lid on, turn off heat and let sit until everything else is ready, but not too long, as it will continue to cook and get softer.

Once everything is ready, split open potato in a nice size bowl, I use a pasta bowl, add a little plantbased butter, add broccoli, maybe a little butter on the broccoli and then add your black beans.   Voila!



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