About Tracy

Hello, I’m Tracy Ceres, welcome to simpliTracy!

simpliTracy is a space where my intention is to fill you full of lovely thoughts and ideas for a simple, healthy and wonderful life. I truly believe that “life is what you make it, so let’s make it a good one!”

I should probably start with the fact that I strive to live the most yogic lifestyle I possibly can. So, yes, I’m one of those! LOL, my kids (grown) refer to me as their “hippie-mom!” But in all seriousness, the practice of yoga has been a part of my life now, going on 10 years and I believe I am a better person for it. I am a certified yoga instructor, and did my teacher training at Asheville Yoga Center in Asheville, NC. It is there that I had the opportunity to meet and learn from some of the most amazing, respected teachers I have ever met in my life.

It is my sincerest wish from my heart that you find a compassionate, kind and loving practice here for your own yoga journey. Yoga is so much more to me than just the physical practice. My practice and teaching style focuses on connecting breath with movement, acceptance and non-judgment of yourself, your journey and your body, knowing that wherever you are today, is where you are meant to be. I want you to leave the mat, feeling amazing in your body and spirit.

Eating Plants!!! What? Yes, I am a plant-based eater. What does that mean? Pretty much what it says. But, simply put I won’t eat animals or any of their by-products. Think that’s challenging in this world of ours, you bet! But, I hope to show you how you can eat healthy, yummy plant-based foods, so easily! So, you’ll find blogs about plant-based eating along with simple recipes for those yummy dishes.

On this same note, I recently completed my Certification with the American Fitness Professionals Association in Holistic Nutrition!   Prior to my journey into yoga I had also started to “clean” up my “diet.”  The journey has been a long one and one that I took a step at a time.  I began with cleaning up my diet, not eating foods from a box and limiting processed foods.  I was vegetarian for at least 8 years and now have been strictly plantbased for the past seven years.

My wish is to live as healthy and young as possible well into my “golden years,” (as I write this I am 59) and I want this for you too!  I hope that you will hop on over to my Holistic Wellness Coaching page and see what that’s all about.  Keep an eye open for blogs on eating plantbased as well as new recipes!

I believe strongly that a happy home makes for a happier life. How can you possibly be clear-headed, calm and organized outside of your home if your home isn’t any of those things?? I strive to bring simplicity into the home so that it can flow into your every day life and then make you want to come home again to that safe, calming, beautiful space that makes you smile! I’ll post about some of the simplest ideas for organization, de-cluttering and decorating on a budget.

Yoga is love and my mission is to bring just a little more love into all the lives I have the privilege of meeting.

Much love and light,