Wellness Coaching

What the heck is a Holistic Wellness Coach?  The word “holistic” is simpli an approach to whole body wellness, physical, mental and spiritual.  I believe through my coaching you will make lifestyle changes that will bring about a healthier, happier YOU!  Click here and come see!

Yoga Haven

Here you’ll find my recorded home practices.  Some are short, some are longer, but all are filled with grace and kindness for ALL bodies and ALL people!  Give yourself a break, no judgment, just breath and movement.  Enjoy!

Tracy's Tips

In my blogs I write mostly about my passions, yoga, plant-based nutrition, wellness and then sometimes ANYTHING else that I find I’ve got to say something about!  I hope you’ll find some tips or words that inspire you or simpli make you laugh!

My name is Tracy and I am the owner of Simpli Tracy

My Path to Wellness packages are designed to support and guide you through the process of making positive, healthy lifestyle changes and choices that will bring you to a place of health and wellness.

Are you ready to live each day with energy that is peaceful and calm?