What do Wellness Coaches do?

What do Wellness Coaches do?

What do Wellness Coaches do? 720 720 Simpli Tracy • Yoga Classes • Holistic Wellness Coaching • Anderson South Caroline


what does a WELLNESS COACH do??

What does a Wellness Coach do?  Have you ever wondered what all these “coaches” do?  There seems to be a coach for just about anything and everything!!!  And in the health industry there are more than one kind as well, Life Coach, Business Coach, Mentoring Coach and Wellness Coach!  So, let me tell you just a bit about what a Wellness Coach does and can do for you!

I became a Certified Holistic Nutritionist earlier this year as I’ve had the passion for health and wellness for a very long time now, and I wanted to dive a bit deeper into nutrition for both myself, my students and my clients.  A wellness coach is a type of health care professional that helps our clients in setting and achieving life-style changes that facilitate achieving a healthier, happier lifestyle and overall well-being.  Typically a wellness coach is more interested in a holistic approach to wellness, treating the person as a whole rather than just treating symptoms of a disease and this is usually what sets a Wellness coach apart from other practitioners.

Wellness coaches focus on a client’s physical, emotional and behavioral health, and a lot of times our clients have just ONE goal in mind, but as a wellness coach we typically address their lifestyle more holistically, again as a whole.  My primary goal is to help you develop habits that fit and improve your overall lifestyle.  By working with you, we will create sustainable lifestyle changes that prioritizes your health and wellness and become life-long habits.

Here are some common reasons that people seek coaching:

  1.   Learn effective stress management techniques
  2.   Increase energy and motivation
  3.   Prioritize self-care
  4.   Find a healthy weight-loss plan
  5.   Exercise more or find exercise that you like more
  6.   Mend your relationship with your body
  7.   Be more positive

Wellness coaching is important for you mind, body and soul.  Together we will set goals that introduce healthy living habits and routines.  I can teach you how valuing your health will benefit your future.   You will improve your physical activity levels and develop a better insight into how to take better care of your wellness through healthy habits.

I hope that this has answered some questions you may have had.  If you’d like to continue the conversation, get in touch with me today!  Email me at tracy@simplitracy.com

Be well, let you light shine!




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