Everyday Food for a Plantbased Diet!

Everyday Food for a Plantbased Diet!

Everyday Food for a Plantbased Diet! 640 360 Simpli Tracy • Yoga Classes • Holistic Wellness Coaching • Anderson South Caroline

Vegan, that word that just seems to turn non-vegans off, maybe because they’re not sure what it means, but know that “those” people don’t eat MEAT!  Well, guess what you just don’t eat MEAT alone either!  I’m here to talk to you a little bit about the fact that it’s just not all that hard to begin eliminate some animal product from your daily diet, which will aid in your health and wellness and the health and wellness of our planet!

So, I don’t usually call myself “vegan” as a general rule, but I am a strictly plant-based eater!  And by plant-based I mean I do not eat any “animal” products or by-products.   However, I do partake in some honey.  I promise, I buy local honey and I don’t believe that the beekeepers I know are abusive to their bees.

I thought I’d write this post to perhaps tickle that part of your brain that has already begun to think that, “perhaps I should eat less meat and animal products,” and to let you know that it’s not as hard as you think.  I do love to cook and that does help when it comes to making things from scratch, but it’s totally not necessary to be an amazing cook who can make everything from scratch!  There are so many products available to us out in the market/grocery store land that I use and highly recommend.  And, yes, processed foods are not the BEST, but they can assist in making a lifestyle change that man seem daunting, so that’s what I’m hear to talk to you about.  The loudest complaint I hear is, “I can’t give up cheese!!!”  Well, you don’t have to give up cheese and if you’re not a cook, or maybe you don’t have the time to create a plant-based cheese, there are so many plant-based/vegan cheeses on the grocery store shelves ready for you to try.  My local grocery stores have continued to get more and more plant/vegan friendly products, which is amazing!!

As a general rule, my husband and I eat everyday food, every day!  For breakfast, my usual go to are a few things, but my favorite is yogurt w/berries!  I use a soy based yogurt by Silk and it’s so good, lots of protein and good fat!!  And berries, well how can you go wrong??  Any and all berries are so good for you, loaded with nutrients and antioxidants!  I also sprinkle a bit of flaxseed and chia for even more nutrients!  All of these are available in my grocery store.

A lot of products already fit into the plant-based category, and you probably didn’t even know it, although the one thing that always seems to find its way in is MILK!  Oh my goodness, it’s in everything, so I read a lot of labels.  Anyway, I use a lot of staples that are store bought and you don’t have to make a thing from scratch, just watch the ingredients in what you purchase.  Here is an example of what I buy and don’t “make:”  “Silk” Yogurt – Dairy Free, they offer almond milk and soy, I use soy due to protein count; oatmeal, lot of fresh fruits and vegetables, ancient grains and rice, mushrooms, we love! (They are a great meat replacement), whole grain bread (again watch ingredients), tortillas, cheeses (all plant-based/vegan), tofu, dumplings, Field Roast “meat” products, my husband loves their “sausage,” Just Egg, a wonderful egg substitute product, who wants to give up scrambled eggs, we don’t, one thing you will need to add is “black salt” it’s not regularly found in grocery stores, I get mine from Amazon, it makes things taste like a real egg, hashbrowns, pasta, (PASTA does NOT make you fat!!!) pasta sauce (again watch ingredients, sneaky for adding cheese, milk and egg), hummus (so easy to make, but so available everywhere), we like to use carrot chips fresh (my Publix has nice sized slices) instead of “chips” but we do love Blue chips or the Chia chips we find at Sams!  Salsa, guacamole or avocado, some guacs do have some dairy so again read labels.  All our meals are balanced regardless of homemade or purchased, a fat, a protein and a carb!

Anyway, I hope you get the idea and if you’re looking to lessen your animal product consumption but want to cook everyday meals, YOU CAN!!  If you’re looking for more information or you’d like to discuss this more you can CONTACT ME HERE and we can talk!

Your health is just one SIMPLE step away, see what a plant-based diet can do for you TODAY!!!  Eat the rainbow people and sprinkle it with some products found on your grocery store shelves!

Much love and light,


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