A Joyful Space

A Joyful Space

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I’ve always felt that you should love coming home to your house.  Your home should be a happy, safe, joyous space, and coming home to a house that makes you happy is a beautiful thing.  More recently I’ve come to the less is more in may ways and it has also rolled over into my way of decorating and staying organized, it makes things so much easier on me.  Less to put away, everything has a place, etc., etc.

The joy that a welcoming home can ignite is more that just a gut feeling, research has actually shown that making a change in our living spaces makes us happier!!  Don’t you get that feeling when you add a bit of whatever season it is to the decor of your home?  Even if it’s a wreath on the door?!  I do!!

By simply adding pops of color to your home you can make such a change in the emotion it brings you!  The basic colors in my home, at least in the main parts of my home, living, kitchen, dining are hues of soft blacks, greys and whites, but you will find pops of color all over!  Whether it be in an object on a shelf, in a piece of art on the wall or wherever!!!  Lots of things in our home will, over time, become less interesting but the pop of color or a bold pattern somewhere will lift the level of stimulation and make us feel joy!!

Another cool idea, that I just love is, lining shelves or drawers with funky, prints or colors so that each time you open the closet or drawer, there it is!!!  Makes me smile all the time!  I also love to use different patterned soft baskets, or colored hangers in my closet!  Another spark of joy can come from fun sheets on your bed underneath your neutral quilt!

An easy spruce up, that brings new emotions is to change out picture frames, you can easily paint them or look for a few new funky, fun ones to switch things up a bit!!  Joy, joy!!   And you may even find yourself going to look at those treasured photos even more!

One of my favorite places is my entryway, I’ve given a lot of thought to the entry table with objects that make me smile, added a very cool ceiling lamp that shines like a disco ball when turned on, along with a nice round mirror that reflects light from the living room and adds light to the small space!  I love lighting, our hallway, had “builder” standard lighting, I recently found retro looking glass lighting for a great price on Wayfair!  Done, and smiles galore!

Another of my favorite rooms is my bedroom, I took a bit more time and brought in the things that made me feel in LOVE with my room!  I’ve always wanted a tufted velvet headboard, so I got one!!!  The color of light or soft blue is a lovely choice of colors for the bedroom, it emits peace and calming and has just that affect on me.  My walls are  a lovely “is that blue or grey?” color and my accents are in shades of blue and grey and white.  It’s definitely one of my favs!  And now, I ALWAYS make my bed, because I just love the way everything looks!  I heard or read that making your bed every day is something “successful” people do!  Really?

So, my advice would be to take a bit of time and do your own walk through of your home, take some notes, are there things you’d love to change, is there too much clutter?  Clutter causes chaos and anxiety and even if it’s things that are keepsakes or mementos, they can be stored or parred down to less.  Or perhaps even arranged in a better way to alleviate that sense of clutter as opposed to bringing you JOY!  Then, perhaps visit some website for inspiration, I love PINTEREST for ideas!

Don’t just rush out and purchase all new things,  just take some time and see where you can pay a little bit of attention, put some things away, spruce up a space and bring in the feeling of JOY!  Take your time.  Maybe it starts with putting things away.  Maybe it starts with purging your closets?  I just purged my own closet for about the fourth time this year!

Decorate with intention, a plan set in motion and bring in the joy to your home again!

If you’d like more information or a helping hand, I’m available for consultations.   Please contact me HERE!

Be well, let your LOVE light shine!




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